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Reviewed 05.21.06

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Hunter Frank
Wet Orgasmus is a site whose content can certainly not be divined from its name. It is a mature women site where "naughty moms with huge tits and asses enjoy tasting thick young dicks". It is kind of a MILF, Cougar, Fatty site all rolled up into one.
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Site Facts

Trial: $8.95 (7 days, recurring)
Monthly: $24.95 (recurring)
Multi-Mo: $59.95 (3 months, recurring)
Payment methods:
Credit card


Reviewer's score 5.5 / 10
Usability 4 / 5
Features 3 / 5
Design 3 / 5


Quality 16.5 / 20
Quantity 10 / 15
Originality 11 / 15
Updates 6 / 10
Exclusivity 5 / 5
Download speed 6 / 10
TOTAL 70 / 100

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My first impression is, could they have chosen a plainer woman or an uglier brown to work with as they main elements of their promo design. And the invented word "Orgasmus", while I admit as a certain erotic component to it, it has absolutely nothing to do with the site. Try as I might I cannot see the connection. But now orgasmus is associated in my head with hippopotamus. Perhaps I am subliminally affected by the image of the woman of ample proportions and unhappy face. Or maybe it is the idea that you have to keep an orgasmus wet the way you have to keep a hippopotamus wet. Anyway I am put off by the look and color of the tour. But the text at least provides a little levity. Listen to this. "These hungry mature sluts really can and want to get fucked, cuz every sex action for them is like the last in their lives, so juice overflows from oldies wettest experienced pussies, which are cumming again and again to show how to fuck right and better than firm-bodied young dolls!"
I click the trailer to see Galina age 55 but it doesn't play for me. This is beginning to happen so often for me, trailers not playing, I am wondering if it is my media player. Although when I am in the sites there is never a problem with the videos.


At it turns out there are only 3 pages of videos with a total of 11 videos. So I guess all the pages of video captures I viewed are actually future updates. Well that is certainly inadequate! A site with only 48 video capture sets and 11 videos has a lot of gall presenting itself as a pay site. The videos are only available in downloads as mpg files in a peculiar format for me, 560x 420 pixels. It's nice large format though. There is no steaming option for those of you who prefer that. The download was also extremely slow at the time I tried it 10 am EST. The video captures give you the whole story on what you are going to see so that is a help in deciding what to download.

In some respects I am glad there is so little content here. It means this is a site I cannot recommend so I don't have to spend a lot of time looking at extremely unattractive, unfit women, unclothed and aroused. Once this site has all its content up it should do very well in the niche it is in. I don't know how large a niche that is but I can assure future viewers of this site that if the are searching for older unattractive, unfit women this place will have an abundance. Right now you will have to be satisfied with looking at only poor quality video captures and the 11 video offerings.


This is not a site ready to be offered as a pay site. It has only 11 videos and 45 video capture picture sets. In a year of so when the content has grown through up-dates it will be a good site for those seeking older, unattractive, unfit, corpulent women in sexual situations. Right now I think viewers in search of such material will be disappointed by the paucity of content here.

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