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Reviewed 07.27.06

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Hunter Frank
Brazil Booty Bangers delivers "Hot Brazilian bootys getting fucked hard and pounded deep!" so they say. My experience of others web sites operated by these folks is that they seldom deliver what they say. Do they mean "booties"?
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Reviewer's score 7 / 10
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Ever wonder why it is often thought that Brazilian women are the sexiest in the world? Is it the uninhibited display of so much flesh at Carnival? Maybe it's the skimpy thongs on the beaches of Rio de Janeiro. Or it could be the girl from Ipenema who when she walks by makes us all go aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh. Whatever it is, many of us hold the notion of the Brazilian female as young, beautiful and shapely. So a site based on Brazilian women and assaults on their pretty derrieres should be worth a look, unless of course it is just trying to cash in on our preconceived fantasies to draw us in with a pretty tour. There are no video trailers in the tour but there are images drawn from 8 movies in the site, all more than 30 minutes in duration. We are also told on the join page that they have "tons of hot brazilian (sic) Booty!' Perhaps an unfortunate use of words, tons of booty conjures images of very big butts. I wonder how many movies "tons" actually means. It should be a lot. But having seen sites in this franchise before I am betting the 8 movies we see in the tour will be the only ones on this site. Any takers? Let's go in and see if they remain true to form.


Interestingly the videos promos are all labelled A Taste of Brazilian Ass. I wonder why? The movies are divided in to varying numbers of segments, from 10 to 17, I notice. Ah, except movie 11 which has only 5 segments but a note saying they update every day with a new scene or episode. Well excuse me but a scene is not a segment. I don't consider it worthy of being called an update. Who wants to wait 17 days to see a forty-minute movie? The movies are all downloadable and are offer in 3 sizes in wmv, super-high, high and low and 2 sizes in mpgeg, high and low. There is no full movie download available. I start downloading the high quality wmv for Luana but soon switch to low quality wmv, realizing that it will take me over an hour otherwise to get through just one movie. She has 14 segments.

Luana's movie has a watermark saying thetasteofbrazilianass.com. Out of curiosity I type the URL into my browser and sure enough it is another site featuring many of the same girls as here and operated by the same folks. Glad I checked, now I can recommend you avoid two sites for the price of one unless you think 11 scenes of Brazilian babes being butt banged warrants parting with $35 US. Yeah there are another 30 bonus sites unrelated to your Brazilian fantasies. Does that help? Luana looks prettier in her pictures than she does in the video for some reason. And I thought she was one of the prettiest girls on the site. The movie, which really strained my patience downloading three-minute segments, was in the end just your standard unimaginative suck fuck (anal) flick. Some of the other movies showing here with the girls outside might be more interesting but I don't have the patience to download their multi-segments.


I have not yet liked a single site offered by this group known as Jason and Alex. "Two names you can trust", they say. Well I don't. Maybe in time this site will grow to have content worth joining it. Maybe complete versions of the movies will be offered rather than multi segments. Having bonus sites in addition to the site you join is a plus only if you are satisfied with the content of the site you joined. I don't think 11 scenes is enough content to warrant its promotion as a pay site.

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