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Reviewed 03.19.06

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Hunter Big Jim
Argentina Love is all about the hottest Latinas on the planet spreading their love. Taking sex any way they can get it, they are sexy as hell and this is their first time on video. All in 100% exclusive, DVD quality videos.
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Trial: $2.95 (2 days, recurring)
Monthly: $29.95 (recurring)
Multi-Mo: $59.95 (3 months, non-recurring)
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Credit card
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Reviewer's score 7 / 10
Usability 4 / 5
Features 2.5 / 5
Design 3 / 5


Quality 13.5 / 20
Quantity 7.5 / 15
Originality 11 / 15
Updates 7.5 / 10
Exclusivity 5 / 5
Download speed 6.5 / 10
TOTAL 67.5 / 100

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100% exclusive content of Argentinean girls taking love any way they can. These south of the border babes are exposing themselves and fucking on film for the first time. The hotties on this site know how to treat a man and they crave cock and take it any way you want to throw it at them, anally, orally and straight up sex!


The video quality did not strike me as DVD quality at all on this site, but the file sizes did. On Sarah's video they cut it into one minute and fifty-six second clips for easy downloading, but the size for each is around 12Megs each! That's a huge download for less then two minutes of videos and it will kill a dial up connection.

On a few of the other videos though it seemed as though the quality was improved and the full screen was very clear. The one thing that did impress me about the videos is that you can stream them by clicking the link. They played very smoothly for me, but I do need to point out that that would not be the case for some using a dial up connection.

One thing I noticed, and didn't like, is that they have thumbnail links to 35 videos. Twenty-six of those thumbs will lead you to a gallery page for an Argentina Love video set complete with full length videos and the shorter clips, while nine of the thumbs link directly to a full length video. The reason for this is simply that they are linking to videos from other sites in their network, I assume to fill out this site a little.

The updates for the site appear to come about once a week. That does not mean that every seven days there is a new Argentina Love video added. But more like they will add one on say a Wednesday and then the next Friday add one; I saw two updates for this site, one of Feb. seventh and the other on Feb. tenth.

But, the network of sites updates every single day of the week except Sundays. And I am not talking about a single video added to one of their collections of sites, but rather multiple updates to several of their sites each day. There is plenty of new videos added often enough that it will keep you busy for a long time.

This site lacked what I consider to be an essential element of any porn site worth its salt today. Picture content. You won't find any high rez pictures inside this member's area no matter how hard you looked, and I looked for it. Not even screen grabs of the videos were available and I don't think that's asking for too much, give us some pictures and maybe put them in a zip file to make us happy.

Now comes to the gravy for this site. The bonuses and added features here really steal the show. When you join this site you also get access to an additional 25 all exclusive sites, where the quality is as good as on this site. On top of that you also get unlimited access to 40 non-exclusive, but very good sites and a DVD Archive.

I did not know what to make of a DVD Archive so I made sure I went in and checked it out thoroughly for you. Turns out that this is set up like a pay per view theatre but you get to watch these gems for free. They are separated into a variety of niches and when you click on the video of your choice it takes you to another page where you can choose your connection speed and which part of the video you want to see.

If the embedded video player is not to your liking, you can always right click and view full screen and the action just pops out at you. These are Hollywood style movies so the action is hot. These are also either pornstars or girls trying real hard to be pornstars so the quim is of a very high quality.


There are a few things on this site I would definitely change. But if I was asked by someone if I thought it was a good value my answer would be yes. I would join this site and stay a member for at least a couple of months because I think when you add everything together you do get a descent value for the cost.

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