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Reviewed 11.07.05

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Anal Shots is all about slutty hoes who just love taking it deep in their tight assholes. They may look sweet and even innocent but these whores aren't happy until their butt holes gape and they have had their asses reamed big time.
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Site Facts

Trial: $1.00 (1 days, recurring)
Monthly: $29.21 (non-recurring)
Payment methods:
Credit card, Online check
BILLINGS 1. Ccbill 2. WTS 3. Epoch


Reviewer's score 6.5 / 10
Usability 3.5 / 5
Features 2.5 / 5
Design 3.5 / 5


Quality 13.5 / 20
Quantity 10.5 / 15
Originality 11.5 / 15
Updates 6.5 / 10
Exclusivity 1 / 5
Download speed 6.5 / 10
TOTAL 65.5 / 100

Members Area


Here is a site that promises one of the web's biggest archives of anal videos and pictures and the promise to update the members' area several times a week with new high quality video. Members also have the promise of access to over 50 niche members' areas at no extra cost.

The promise is also made that you can download all the videos on the site. That all looks good but does it really measure up?


Before we jump into the site let me say that I love reaming some sexy babe's tight ass and listening to her moan and howl with pleasure. The feeling of my cock driving deep into her very private and personal space just blows me away and getting nailed in the ass blows away a lot of chicks too. My fuck buddy turns into a quivering orgasmic mess on the bed anytime I nail her ass.

So now let's look at the content in this site.

I found 81 sets of anal video on this site and that was all the video I could find apart from feeds. I found 15 image sets on this site and that was all I could find apart from feeds so I can't see how this could be one of the Web's biggest archives of anal pictures and videos? But I leave that up to you to decide.

I found 34 bonus niche sites listed in the members' area - and one of those listed was the site I was already looking at - not the 50 claimed on the tour.

In a way it's rather sad that wild promises are made on the outside and they are not met once you get into the members' area because the content on this site, limited though it might be is really quite good. But even there, with the good content, there are problems.

The images in the image galleries are not in order. Several of the start out with the babe naked and taking it deep in her ass then move to a period where she is fully clothed before going back to the hardcore images. That destroys the flow of the gallery and ruins the fantasy,

Technically though the images are good and the photography is excellent. The babes you will find in the site include Gauge the well-known pornstar who really seems to love taking it deep in her ass. The individual images are all around 700 on the longest side and the file size does tend to be on the large side. They certainly may be a challenge if you are on a dial up connection but you won't even notice a delay if you're on broadband.

Anal sex is one of those strange contradictions. To anyone who has not experienced it, and to many who have, it looks raw and brutal. Yet when you ask any girl who enjoys anal sex they will tell you that despite how it looks anal sex produces one of the most incredible sexual highs you can have.

Despite all their faults that is exactly what these images capture, you get the raw and brutal along with the wild highs and you get it clearly in big images.

The video thumbnails looked great - if the images can portray the visual impact of anal sex then the video brings in the sounds to increase the impact. And the video on this site really does do that.

Unfortunately they don't give you access to the full-length movie. Instead, when you click on a link on the movie gallery page you are taken to another page where you see that the movie is divided into a number of clips and an embedded media player.

You then have a big button labeled


A site that has great content but not as much as they say they have. A site that offers bonus sites but not as many as they say they do. A site that has great navigation, but poorly set out image galleries. A site that says it updates several times a week but hasn't updated in months.

It's definitely worth looking at but the cost of the full month is definitely over-priced.

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