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Reviewed 12.16.06

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Hunter Frank
18 Inches of Pain is a site devoted to those who like to see lovely young women impaled on long black cocks. And if one long black cock is good imagine how much better two or more big black batons will be.

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Trial: $4.95 (3 days, recurring)
Monthly: $24.95 (recurring)
Multi-Mo: $74.88 (3 months, non-recurring)
Payment methods:
Credit card, Online check, Phone
BILLINGS 1. Custom processing 2. WTS


Reviewer's score 8 / 10
Usability 4 / 5
Features 3 / 5
Design 3.5 / 5


Quality 17 / 20
Quantity 15.5 / 15
Originality 9 / 15
Updates 7.5 / 10
Exclusivity 3.5 / 5
Download speed 8.5 / 10
TOTAL 79.5 / 100

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18 Inches of Pain is a big cock site that does not mince word about how big their cocks are. They even have a couple of rulers on the tour page to give the impression that these cocks measure up. However they don\\\'t actually lay out any of these monstrous members along side a ruler. They just imply that there is an association. They are, however, very specific. This is not 12 inches of pain but a good foot and a half of pain. Now the Internet is nothing if not a place full of misinformation and lies. It is also a place full of useful information. I have never seen a big dick site where there was not some considerable exaggeration used to describe penis length. Those of you who are interested try Googling \\\"penis length\\\". You will find that there is reliable evidence of penises in the 10 to 12 inch range, which is suggestive of the upper length that these things reach. The longest penis ever recorded is 14 inches and that is hotly disputed as an unreliable report. So a site that maintains it has 18-inch penises is clearly ready to tell us anything to get us inside. I continue to have a hard time understanding why sites owners lie so outrageously about their content. If I were not a reviewer I would avoid this site just like I try to avoid all the other liars that I come across in life.


In the next clip I watch the text describes an unnamed blond as taking a 12-inch cock up her ass. I click on the video now expecting to see a six-inch penis. LOL. This clip is taken from the DVD Gangland 44. Again you will find no 12-inch dick here, just 3 standard black dick guys gangbanging a young blond with artificial breasts. It has everything you expect to see, except the monstrous dicks the tour was promoting. It finishes with a bukkake-style facial.

The next movie I watch stars the same three black dudes and another unnamed blond. This clip is taken from Gangland 39. Why didn't they just call this call their site Gangsta Gangbang or something like that? The video follows the same pattern as the blond gangbang I described above only this blond is prettier and has nice natural breasts. She is double penetrated and takes all three loads of sperm on her smiley face. Before leaving this hodgepodge collection of black guys fucking non-black girls I want to check out Mika Tan an Asian girl I recognize. In the photo for her shoot there does appear to be a genuinely long cock, maybe 9 inches and since she is shown alone with the cock I am curious about where this video comes from. Her video is taken from the DVD Asian Brotha Lovers, Vol 1 and while the cock is a good size I would estimate it is still only have the size of the size of site's outrageously absurd claims.


I suspect that the majority of Website tours make exaggerated claims for their content. 18 Inches of Pain tells a whopper of a fib when it implies that you will find huge 18 inch cocks on the site. You won't, not one. I didn't find one over an estimated 9 inches. 18 Inches of Pain is just a promotional tour to get you to join a DVD web site. The site offers hundred of DVDs that have been cut up and assembled into groupings of content that are presented to us as a site. But there really is no site other than the promotional tour. The wmv format videos are of satisfactory quality and load rapidly. You can save them to your hard drive if you want. Join the site to see black guys fucking Asian and white chicks. Don't join to see huge foot and a half cocks. They don't exist.

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